The Uilleann Pipes

uilleann pipes Looking for a cheap practice set or starter set of uilleann pipes? I don't make cheap pipes but I can offer quality practice sets at low cost (considering the amount of work that goes into it). Whether you are a professional piper or a beginner, my sets are made to the same high exacting standards that you would expect from an instrument many times the price of my uilleann pipes. I only make uilleann pipes. I don't make flutes, whistles, smallpipes or any other types of bagpipes. I am a full-time uilleann bagpipe maker located in Scotland, U.K. I make concert pitch D and flat sets in B as those are simply the best sounding to me (although B flat is very nice and I would like to offer that soon too). If you think you have seen my pipes in the past I have to say that much has changed over the years and the pipes I make now bear little resemblence to my earliest sets.

Waiting Time for uilleann pipes, practice sets, chanters, drones

At the moment waiting time varies depending on what I have under construction, I often have part made uilleann chanters ready to be made to order. Please contact me regarding your requirements.